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Chargingrhino112 12 days ago

Patty Melt

I've eaten here a whole bunch and have never been disappointed from the burgers in the evenings to the shrimp and grits on Sunday brunch mornings! If you're looking for a juicy mid priced burger and a good tasty draft list to find a beer or two, definitely give this place a shot. Good atmosphere, delicious food.

Neema about 2 months ago

The Steinbeck

Eating this burger is like an otherworldly experience. You feel grounded, you feel disarmed, you feel known, and then you feel full. From the patty to the pimento cheese to the pickled jalapeños—it's a burger that cannot be forgotten, and the memory of it will have your mouth watering and your eyes welling up for years to come. The combination of flavors and the boldness found in the very creation of it? Timeless and on point. Do not shy away from this burger, because you will see huge return on your investment. And your palate will be eternally grateful.

Bedenbaugh about 2 months ago


One of our favorite menu items! Surprisingly good — would recommend!

Joy 2 months ago


Best sandwich in town

Adamtcreveling 2 months ago


I had the Rueben and it was glorious. Crunchy tots were also good.

Clairecumbo 2 months ago

Blackened Tilapia Tacos

Great food and even better beer!

Ssdark 3 months ago

Brisket Nachos

These are too amazing!! I literally just left work talking about these. I said I'm going to UJ because I'm craving the brisket nachos... only I will have it over tarot tots🥰🥰by far the most favorite menu item of mine!

Caitlin 3 months ago


This is my absolute favorite thing to order at UJ. The hummus is delicious, I love all of the veggies that accompany it, and the olive tapenade and pita bread are flavorful! I also love to add a side of gyro meat to make it a complete meal- it's the best!

Jbradshaw 3 months ago

Turkey Pita Club

Absolutely freaking awesome!! Me and my son will be back!💯👌

Sydneyp583 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

They have the best food in town and great happy hour deals!

Matthewklotz 3 months ago


It was really filling, I didn't think it was going to be cooked medium as I asked and it was out of this world perfect. Kudos to the chef!!

Khoustonpt 4 months ago

Arugula Salad

Add grilled chicken and lemon zest'll compare all future salads to this! Delicious and nutritious!

Kerry 4 months ago

Turkey Burger

This has been a great alternative for me as I'm on a bit of a fitness journey!

Kerry 4 months ago

Sunset Dip And Salsa

I love this queso! The smoked tomatillo really adds a special flair to it.

Hannah 4 months ago


The hummus was flavorful with a great taste. The plate came with hummus, pita bread, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and an olive tapenade. All items were paired well together and tasty.

Tim 4 months ago


One of my most favorite sandwiches. It's so delicious!

Kendylelliseay 5 months ago

Black Bean Patty

Favorite black bean burger in Greenville – the servers are always willing to customize and recommend options as well!

Kdavis8602 5 months ago

Spicy Egg Rolls

These are awesome. Sweet and spicy. A perfect snack.

Torionmission 5 months ago

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla

Great atmosphere and great food! The Southwest Chicken Quesadilla was just what the doctor ordered, and after mooching off a friend's plate, I found the Blackened Tilapia Tacos delightful as well!

Caallen13 6 months ago

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

UJ may be known for their burgers and sandwiches, but don't underestimate the Chicken Quesadilla! If you still need that bar food fix, go ahead and get those tater tots too.

Bretta about 1 month ago

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla

This was the best quesadilla we have ever eaten. It sounded good on the menu, so we ordered it as an app while we had a couple of beers. It was so good that my husband also ordered it as his meal, AND we ordered another one to take home to our teenage son...who devoured it. I can't say enough about this quesadilla. I wish i knew how to make the sauce inside bc if i did, i would make these all the time! I guess we will just have to keep going back to the U-Joint for more!!!!

Todd about 2 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Perfect mix of hot and sweet

Bedenbaugh about 2 months ago


Best wings in Greenville! Pick your favorite — flats or drums and enjoy!

Mivido33 2 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

great juicy chicken breast!

Estrelladeroma 2 months ago

The Steinbeck


Chrisbarach 2 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

Chicken wings are the best I've had since I lived in ny. Good sauce, and they're crispy which I think is the key. Everyone else has soggy sloppy wings, nothing else in town compares to these.

Ina 3 months ago

Spicy Egg Rolls

These spicy egg rolls are the bomb. They come with a side of a pepper jelly which is just excellent. Very flavorful, cheesy and I've never really had anything like it before!

Joshua 3 months ago


These wings are DELICIOUS and large. They have great food for such a small kitchen! The bartenders are awesome and if you come back they'll remember you and your fave orders! Huge shout-out to the entire team, they're all amazing. Great drinks and the Happy Hour (4-6PM) is a great deal! I'm also a huge fan of the fish and chips! The fish is so crispy and delicious. In summer or warm days, we love the open vibe of the patio and garage doors being all open to allow us to enjoy the best of Greenville.

Bcmoynahan 3 months ago

U Joint

I had the UJoint burger and loved it. Second or third time I've had it. This time with fries, last time with tater tots, both excellent. Burger is so big, I can barely finish it, and I'm not a small guy.

Ali36 3 months ago


This was one of the best burgers I have EVER had!! I also tried my friend's U Joint and it was eaqually as amazing!!! Great place, great atmosphere!! I can't wait to go back!!

Khoustonpt 4 months ago

Turkey Pita Club

I'm from Louisiana and this is a great and filling sandwich with just the right amount of heat!

Kerry 4 months ago

Smokehouse Burger

I love the way the cheeses melt together on this burger. It's perfectly cooked to order too

Kerry 4 months ago

Fried Cheese Curds

I've tried a lot of cheese curds in my day, and these take the cake

Ksoniat77 4 months ago


Burger was delicious, and as ordered. (Lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese) The only oddity was straws were delivered by placing directly on the table (unwrapped). When a co-worker pointed this out our server placed some in a glass for us. Thought that was a clever solution.

Emilyclarkeheadley 4 months ago

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

Holy MOLY, dude. I'm a quesadilla expert. A connoisseur. A sommelier, but like, for quesadillas... This was the best quesadilla I've ever had. Thanks, UJ!!

Deana 4 months ago


AMAZING WINGS!!! Perfect amount of crisp and sauce!

Susan 5 months ago

Pimiento Cheese

The best pimento cheese and bread pieces in town. I seriously crave this all the time. If I know I'm driving by I will call ahead to eat on the road. So so so gooood! 😋

Adam 5 months ago

The Steinbeck

Amazing, absolutely delicious. My favorite! Get it with the tater tots or fries - you can't go wrong! The best burger in Greenville, hands down.

Bekeller2288 5 months ago

The Steinbeck

Great spot for drinks and delicious food. Everything is delicious, but the burgers are the best - juicy and filling. Make sure to get tots as your side.

Ckennedy276 6 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

I love this buffalo chicken sandwich because the chicken is GRILLED! Don't get me wrong, I love my chicken fried too, but with this being grilled you can really taste all elements of the sandwich. Delicious! And get the tots: crispy and delicious!


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